My First Teaching Year: A Manifesto

In a bit more than three weeks, I will be teaching my own class for the first time. I’ve observed, I’ve co-taught, I’ve taught lessons and given talks in other teachers’ classrooms; this will be the first time I am responsible for the teaching of an entire class, from start to finish. While simultaneously working on my own PhD. I am, of course, both incredibly excited and completely terrified. I like to think I’m a bit more of the former than the latter, but I suppose we’ll see

This manifesto will outline my intentions for the year. I hope to look back at it periodically throughout the semester, both to keep myself on track and to see where I need to change.

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The Trouble With Tech

This morning, while skimming through a digest from a professional email list, I saw this sentence appended to a message submitted by a writing program director:

[this message sent from my cell phone, please forgive any predictive text issues]

The message that preceded it was short, only a few sentences of commentary on an earlier post, but it did include some errors likely made as a result of their phone’s predictive text function.

I find this deeply disturbing. Please bear with me as I try to work through these thoughts and feelings.

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